Right@Home: Summer Shoe-Care Sweepstakes (5,000 Winners)

Click HERE to Enter to win 1  of 5,000 KIWI Sport Care Kits! Now you can clean, whiten and freshen your favorite sport shoes with one kit. Keeping your athletic shoes in top condition has never been easier. Hurry, enter by July 24th!

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4 Responses to “ Right@Home: Summer Shoe-Care Sweepstakes (5,000 Winners) ”

  1. Shoe Horns
    Not using shoe horns while wearing shoes causes unnecessary bending and stretching of soles. This may also cause cracks on the surface of the soles. Shoe horns also promise to maintain the original shape of the shoes for a longer period.

  2. Clean the leather soles periodically. Use a wet cloth or a very soft brush to remove mud, dirt, and salts from the soles. Saddle soap is good leather cleaner and it is safe to use on leather soles. Create lather by mixing the saddle soap in a small bowl, damp a soft cloth in it and start cleaning the leather soles. After applying the saddle soap, wipe off the dirt from soles using a dry cloth.


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