FREE Burt's Bees Gud Body Lotion Sample

Hurry and 'Like' gud on Facebook and fill out the request form to get a FREE Sample of gud Body Lotion from Burt's Bees! You can choose from 3 different smells!!

4/12 - Available again!

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4 Responses to “ FREE Burt's Bees Gud Body Lotion Sample ”

  1. Guds got a angry with me & wrote me a letter that they had no more samples(LOL!!To make me leave them alone they sent me a $5.00 coupon.HILARIOUS!!!Thanks for the work you do,know that you are appreciated!!:-))

  2. I know they still have samples because it's here & on their Facebook page that they're still giving them out.They shouldn't have been sarcastic to me or mean to to me when I asked for help.That's why they were put on blast!!

  3. Where are the samples? When I clicked on the Burt's Beess sample I simply was redirected to many adds for my area not to the Burt's Bees freebe.

  4. The samples are under the Free Sample tab on their Facebook, if you click on the orange link above where it says 'Like' Gud on facebook it should take you right to the page


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