FREE Make Me Chic Scarf First 1,000 *EXPIRED*

Hurry and go HERE to get a FREE Make Me Chic Scarf to the First 1,000 enter code 17MMC

Update: Page is having trouble loading right now keep refreshing! 

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9 Responses to “ FREE Make Me Chic Scarf First 1,000 *EXPIRED* ”

  1. having trouble with it fix it before you try to gaave to people what a waste of people time only a 1000 ??

  2. To much hassle & they wanted to charge $9.99 for shipping.....Not worth it for a $12 freebie...

  3. The code which is already in there is MMC not MCC (Make Me Chic)

  4. Took forever but I got it to work! Patience is key... especially when it's free!!


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