Charmin $2 off Coupons (12/14-12/20)

Be sure to 'like' Charmin on Facebook and be ready for their coupon Giveaway!  

"Happy Tuesday Charmin Fans! Starting this Wednesday, December 14th, we will celebrate 2011 with you by giving away 2,011 $2-off Charmin MegaRoll coupons for seven days straight! It will be first registered, first served and only one per household. We will post the dates and times shortly, including additional specific details. As always, thanks for being such great fans!"

Wednesday, Dec. 14 9am EST
Thursday, Dec. 15 11am EST
Friday, Dec. 16 1pm EST
Saturday, Dec. 17 3pm EST
Sunday, Dec. 18 5pm EST
Monday, Dec. 19 7pm EST
Tuesday, Dec. 20 9pm EST

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