Freebie Friday @ Secret! - First 5,000 *EXPIRED*

Today is Secret's FREEBIE FRIDAY!! 'Like' Secret on facebook, make sure you are under the 'Freebie Friday' tab and request your freebie! Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

This week is Clinical Strength in Ooh-La-La Lavende

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4 Responses to “ Freebie Friday @ Secret! - First 5,000 *EXPIRED* ”

  1. Their site is so bogged down, its is incredibly slow. Thanks for the freebie

  2. Do they do this every Friday? Or select Fridays?

  3. i got one! finally the first time and first friday i was home to even try = ) i love secert clinical strength deodorant!!!

  4. Yay glad you got it! They do it on a random Friday each month


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